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  1. Are you folks still making cheese? We haven’t seen you at local farmer’s markets (West Chester, Eagleview, Downingtown, Malvern, etc.) for a long time. if you are, can we buy direct from the farm and how does one do that?

    1. Yes we are! We currently are selling at Bryn Mawr, Phoenixville, Head House and Ritten House farmers markets. You are also welcome to buy directly from the farm, with prior notice. We are located in Honey Brook, PA. Feel free to give me a call if you wish to schedule a farm visit!

      -Paige (302) 561-0201

  2. I had the pleasure of tasting your delightful ‘honey chèvre biscuit’ cheese this weekend. In checking your website I do not see any retailers in Delaware or Elkton Maryland. Do you have retailers in DE or MD?

    If not I will make the trip to your farm – could you please provide me with your hrs of operation and your price list?

    1. Hi Terri
      We have a store here on the farm. Our hours are daily 9am to 7 pm. The store is self serve but there is always someone here. Call Pete at 484-401-6081 if you have any further questions.

  3. Hi my name is not important . What your doing with these goats is . By finally drinking this milk my calcium is back up to almost normal my bones no longer ache , my body can once again heal it’s self . My Lord and Saviour has put me in touch with you through nothing more then a miracle . He has given me this nutrient rich milk that has been blessed by his almighty hands and cared for by yours being the awesome shepherd you are. May his blessing continue to embrace you may your heard grow and may the generations behind you realize what an honor this would be to serve our LORD in such a humble manner. I want to thank you . I am so sorry to have purchased your last 2 half gallons yesterday but this milk is so very important for me . I pray you will forgive me for usually I leave one for the next person but my last trip there I found there was no milk just cheese . So this time I bought both. Please tell your goats for me that there is a little lady that greatly appreciate s their offerings and may my LORD bless them to stay healthy . I shall pray .

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