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SHELLBARK HOLLOW FARM LLC, 240 Lippitt Rd Honey Brook Pa 19344 610-431-0786               WEB: http://shellbarkhollow.com/blog/ EMAIL: shellbarkhollowfarms@gmail.comState certified raw goat milk sales, raw goat milk cheese, and goat milk soap. Award-winning Goat milk cheeses from purebred Nubians that are grazed and fed hay, supplemented with a small amount of GMO, SOY FREE grain in the parlor. Organic practices, no antibiotics or hormones used. Raw milk cheese varieties include a Tallegio style, Mozzarella style, Manchego style as well as Feta, Tomme, Goudas, and Cheddar. You can also get probiotic yogurt And kefir with nothing added. We also sell pasteurized fresh cheeses, Ricotta, fresh and sharp chevre, marinated chevre, a bloomy-rind style, chevre spreads, and flavored biscuits. Fresh Farm chicken and duck eggs free-range pasture-raised, GMO, SOY-free eggs. Farm Store open daily 7 days a week daylight hours

3 thoughts on “Where to buy

  1. Your Shellbark Sharp II goat cheese is absolutely incredible! Had some at COOK this past weekend. Looking forward to finding your product(s) at local markets. Thanks!

  2. You are no longer coming to either the Phoenixville or Bryn Mawr Farmer’s markets. Where can I get S2 cheese. I live In Villanova. I also love the honey goat cheese. I would love to have it for Thanksgiving.

    1. We will be at Bryn Mawr farmers market this Saturday. We missed last we to prepare for our annual farm party. Sorry we missed you. We also attend Rittenhouse and Head House farmers markets every weekend.

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